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From Fabiano Reis <>
Subject flood parse error in urllist
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 19:59:21 GMT

	i have problemas with flood.  I enter with this url:


	my xml file looks like:

        <name>Test Hosts</name>
        <description>A bunch of hosts we want to hit</description>
<url method="GET">http://host/script.cgi?arg1=x\&arg2=y</url>
    <name>Example Profile</name>
    <description>A Test Round Robin Configuration</description>

    <useurllist>Test Hosts</useurllist>



    <useprofile>Example Profile</useprofile>

    <usefarmer count="1">Joe</usefarmer>


flood say that is an error in this url with this message:

"Error parsing XML: XML parser error code: not well-formed (invalid
token) (4)"

I make a test: when i try with this url: http://host/script.cgi?arg1=x
flood work.

What is wrong?


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