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From Simon B├ęcot <>
Subject Newbie questions
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 07:57:40 GMT
Hi all
These may appear a silly questions but I'm newbie in load testing.
I'm looking for a tool for load testing an internet service. My question is:
does flood, or Perl Framework only work with Apache, or can it be used with
any http server?

Second question: Can theses tools be deployed on several machines? For
example if I want to load 200 client threads, I'd better put 4 client
machines with 50 threads, and 1 server that manages those 200 clients. If
I'm not doing that, I don't know if I'm testing the capacity of my client
machine to manage those 200 clients, because a test application can use as
much CPU as the server tested. The problem, is that the test application
should manage several machines to load simultaneously the threads, and to
merge the results of all the 200 clients from differents machines.

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