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From "Nabarupa Banerjee" <>
Subject Apache bench help required for Windows compatible version
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 11:44:28 GMT

Hi all apache bench users,

There is a lot of UNIX based help available on the net. There are Julian's man pages available
too..But what about Windows based help ?

Can apache bench be used for testing web pages requiring HTTP POST methods to be excecuted..I
mean where some user id and password needs to be typed and the authentication module needs
to be tested ?

So far it has worked for static web pages(just retrieving the page) but will it work for carrying
out any interactive testing ?

The -t option:

ab -n 100 -t 5  
 also does not seem to be working. The test gets hung...and it has to be terminated forcibly.

Thanks and regards,

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