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From john sachs <>
Subject Re: [ IBM AS/400 HTTP Server '/' attack]
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2001 20:34:17 GMT
right, so i'll hold off on writing the test for the moment.  once this gets all hashed out,
if someone could just post what the correct expected results for

GET /index.html/
GET /index.shtml/
GET /index.cgi/

and if the result would vary for something like

GET /index.html/more/stuff

post what the expected behavior should be for that test too.

for what its worth, i thought GET /index.html/ should be 404 because it would seem the server
would want to translate that URI to <DocumentRoot>/index.html/<DirectoryIndex>.
 and since there is no directory called <DocumentRoot>/index.html, the resource would
not be found.  make sense?

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