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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: dav test in httpd-test
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 06:00:10 GMT
From: "Doug MacEachern" <>
> hi gerald, not sure if you're familar with httpd-test yet, but there is a
> t/modules/dav test currently using HTTP::DAV.  i asked john sachs (author
> of the dav test) if he could look into using your HTTP::Webdav for the
> test, mainly because HTTP::DAV has an tremendous amount of dependencies.
> (i have not tried either interface, nor am i familar with how dav works.)
> john was having some trouble porting the test to HTTP::Webdav, i'm
> guessing it would be really easy for you if you have a few moments :)
> if you're interested/able, below is the httpd-test README, and you'll want
> to read perl-framework/README too.  thanks!

I have taken a look at the dav test and it really isn't hard to convert it
to HTTP::Webdav (Especialy because I have fixed a bug in the HTTP::Webdav
locking code, so locking now really works), but while thinking about it, I
had remembered one person who told me that he is implementing something like
a DAV test suite with HTTP::Webdav. Since the DAV tests currently are only
basic, I thought it would maybe a good idea to take a look at his code and
see if this would be useable for more advanced testing. So I mailed him, but
didn't got any feedback so far. At the moment I don't even know if this code
will be OpenSource, so we could use it.

I keep you informed if anything new arises


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