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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject expect_ok sub?
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2001 07:12:23 GMT

Many times we create subtests like this:

print comment
my $expect = ...
my $got    = ...
print expect
print got
ok $expect eq $got

and end up with lots of typing. I suggest expect_ok, or just eok():

sub expect_ok{
    my ($expect,$received,$comment) = @_;
    print "$comment\n" if defined $comment;
    print "expected: $expect\n";
    print "received: $received\n";
    ok($expect eq $received);

so for example here is a test from alias.t shrink-wrapped:

## with ScriptAliasMatch ##
   "verifying ScriptAliasMatch with /aliascgi-script",

I think using 'eq' is safe enough for numerical and string comparisons. or
we could make e_num_ok and e_str_ok to use '==' and 'eq' respectively.

some people write tests without printing expect/received strings and when
the test fail, users have to go and do it themselves. Such a wrapper does
this job for the test writers for free.

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