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From <>
Subject Test framework code. :-)
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:57:12 GMT

Mod_perl has had a test framework for a long time.  That same framework
can easily be used to create regression tests for Apache itself.  I would
like to get that code base into the httpd-test CVS repository.

The problem we have to solve, is that we have to allow all of the current
mod_perl developers to continue to have commit access to that code, and we
would like to remove any chance of code duplication.

To that end, I would suggest the following setup for the httpd-test


where test_framework is the test suite to run, currently either the perl
tests, or the flood test by e-built.

Then, using CVS admin files, we can get httpd-test to automatically check
out the Apache_Test directory from the mod_perl module.

Does that sound like a good idea or not?  Does anybody have any other ways
to do this easily?



Ryan Bloom               
Covalent Technologies

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