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From Douglas Guptill <dgupt...@HUSKY1.STMARYS.CA>
Subject apache 1.2.6 on dunix 4.0 (patched)
Date Wed, 08 Apr 1998 16:59:31 GMT

Compiled apache 1.2.6 on (recently installed) Digital Unix 4.0 (with most of
patch kit 5 installed).  Hardware is DEC 3000 M400, 64Mb RAM.

Got one compile warning.  The resulting binary is installed and working.

Any ideas?  (See below for the compile warning.)


----------------------------- copy of dtterm
screen -----------------------------
# touch buff.c
# make
cc -c   -O2 -DOSF1 -DSTATUS   buff.c
cc: Warning: buff.c, line 263: In this statement, the referenced type of the
pointer value "&fb->outbase[fb->outchunk+i]" is "unsigned char", which is
not compatible with "signed char".
    strp = &fb->outbase[fb->outchunk + i];
cc    -o httpd alloc.o http_main.o http_core.o http_config.o http_request.o
http_log.o http_protocol.o rfc1413.o util.o util_script.o modules.o buff.o
md5c.o util_md5.o explain.o http_bprintf.o util_date.o util_snprintf.o
mod_env.o  mod_log_config.o  mod_mime.o  mod_negotiation.o  mod_status.o
mod_info.o  mod_include.o  mod_dir.o  mod_cgi.o  mod_asis.o  mod_imap.o
mod_actions.o  mod_userdir.o  mod_alias.o  mod_access.o  mod_auth.o
mod_digest.o  mod_usertrack.o  mod_browser.o   -lm
# pwd
----------------------------- end copy of dtterm
screen -----------------------------

Doug Guptill,  Technician/Programmer,
Math and Computing Science, St. Mary's University,,
vox:902-420-5893, fax 902-420-5266

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