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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Binary windows 2.4.x distribution
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 08:58:51 GMT
A couple of thoughts really quick, and we'll take this to the
packagers@ list because I think it is a better fit to that list
(lots of arcane windows details that might actually be interesting
to .depot/.pkg/.rpm maintainers)...

 1. Base on now-current Studio 2010 SP1.  Because anything else
    now seems silly with free express editions.

 2. Replace IS gunk with wix, because wix is free (and goodness).

 3. Upgradable from the first incremental release, because the whole
    uninstall/reinstall dance sucks.

 4. Incorporate soon-current lua/pcre/expat/zlib/OpenSSL, although
    several of these are right now in beta, and we should start
    shipping once those are released (and get stuck with them for
    a few years).

Sorry I haven't had more cycles to post about this subject, I'm know
we have a number of third-party windows distributions, and in fact,
I'd rather this small delay encourage them to jump on the opportunity.
It's pretty obvious that there will be no Oracle, no RedHat release
tomorrow for the shipping OS's.

Also hoping, now that we have a handful of Windows folks here, that we
can define the project's policy so the releases are consistent, even if
the binary RM's are not :)

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