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From Tollef Fog Heen <>
Subject Re: So, did anybody subscribe yet?
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 12:09:36 GMT
* Graham Leggett 

| I don't know anything about Debian packages (yet) - is it possible
| to get an official packaging file contributed for inclusion?

It's not a file, it's a directory tree which lives in debian/ in the
root of the product.

Technically, it's not a problem to include it in the tree, but I'm not
sure it's a good idea.  Some parts of the tree will differ between
different Debian-based distributions (the changelog and possibly any
patches).  Also the Debian packaging is a bit different with the
apache tarball shipped inside the source package.

(I think Thom May has some more reasons not to do it the way the RPM
distros are too, so Cc-ing him.)

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