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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Options +/-
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:04:05 GMT
I'm working on a "Lightning Talk" for ApacheCon, which is a bit of a
rant about all the stuff that I hate in the Apache configuration file. I
came across this little nugget of happiness.

Options +Indexes Includes Multiviews
Options Indexes Includes Multiviews

The first of these lines forbids indexing, while the second allows them.
One might call this a bug, or one might say that it's documented to work
that way. It depends on nuances.

The point is that mixing options with +/- options and those without has
unexpected and unintuitive results.

In the context of this mailing list, I've noticed that a number of
distributions ship with configurations that incorrectly use the Options
directive, both by mixing +/- options with those without, as well as the
correct-but-strange "Options -All"

I'd like to request that distributions attempt to rigidly adhere to the
practice of never mixing +/- with non-+/- syntax in the same line, and
using the better (and clearer) "Options None" rather than "Options -All

Rich Bowen

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