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From Bill Moo <>
Subject No content returned from directive handler sample.
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2019 15:06:47 GMT

I am embarking on my first module and using the Apache provided
example to dump my module's configuration as my starting point I’m
having no real success.

I have configured everything as per the sample and compiled and
configured using:

sudo apxs -i -a -n mod_graphing -c mod_graphing.c

I have to provide the -n mod_graphing parameter as without it I get :
apxs:Error: Sorry, cannot determine bootstrap symbol name.

The name (mod_graphing) being the same as the module tag. In addition
to this when I try to restart the server I get a Syntax error on the
generated mod_graphing.load file as it has appended _module to my

Assuming my interpretation is correct I created a mod_graphing.conf
file and added to it:

<Location /info>
        SetHandler configHandler

<Directory /info>
        sqlConnection "SQL Connection String"
        sqlUserInfo username password

With configHandler being the name of my module function. When I go to
http://localhost/info I get a 404 Not Found error when I was expecting
to see the two values of my config settings defined with in the
Directory entry (having used ACCESS_CONF rather than RSRC_CONF in my
attempts to get this to work).

I'm at a bit of loss here and don't really know how to move forward with this.

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