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From André Rothe <>
Subject Chunked request
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 10:59:54 GMT

I try to understand an request filter (input). Maybe you can help me to
understand the processes:

The POST size of a request is larger than 8192 bytes, so the request
will be split up into two pieces. I need both parts to process the
request within the filter. There are further filters, which process the
request too.

My filter calls ap_get_brigade() and tries to get the bytes. The brigade
will be stored within a context structure of the ap_filter_t.

On the first call of my filter it gets only 8192 bytes and no EOS. As
the next, I'm looking for EOS, if there isn't one, I try to store the
buckets with

apr_bucket_setaside(b, f->r->pool);

and return from the filter with APR_SUCCESS. I think, there should be a
further call of my filter hook with the second chunk. There I would
concat the stored brigade with the new one. If there isn't an EOS too,
store the whole brigade again. But is there an EOS, I can process the

What I have to send on the first call to the next filter (nothing,
flush)? At the moment I get an

Sending error response: The request contained fewer content data than
specified by the content-length header

within the error_log and the client gets a 404. So it seems, that a
filter should be informed, that my filter waits for further chunks and
passes the chunks together to the next filter after the second call.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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