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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject mod_websocket ownership (and fixes)
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2015 21:05:13 GMT
To hopefully put this thing to bed, six months later -- I have taken the 
mod_websocket patchset started by the long conversation in [1] and 
pushed it to a GitHub fork [2].

I've submitted a pull request to the original author, but I'm assuming 
he will not suddenly appear out of the blue after three years, so I plan 
to actively own and maintain my fork on GitHub. If you're also 
interested in WebSockets with Apache, and/or you've submitted a pull 
request to the original project and it hasn't gone anywhere, please give 
me a buzz.

I still need to familiarize myself with the code base and get it into a 
state where I can sustainably maintain it (tests would be good). After 
that I'm primarily interested in picking up the conversation left off in 
Bug 47485 [3]. Any general advice is welcome!

[Administrative side note: I am no longer employed at National 
Instruments, so emails to my prior address will bounce. Use 
GitHub to talk to me about the module.]

Thanks again to modules-dev for helping and humoring me!



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