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From Pon Umapathy Kailash S <>
Subject Re: debugging ssl packet drop
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2014 15:22:00 GMT
Resending since it doesn't seem to have been delivered.

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Pon Umapathy Kailash S
<> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am facing the an issue where a SSL packet from IE10 doesn't reach
> the client processing thread for a particular connection(more details
> below).  Can you please provide me pointers on where to look/add more
> debug logs in the code to figure out what's happening? We use mpm
> worker threads.
> I have added support for websockets in a customised manner(as required
> for our application) inside apache. At a high level, it's done as
> follows:
> - the initial GET request with 101 code is handled by a handler hook
> function which computes the required security keys and sends back the
> response. Also, the socket on which the request came in is not
> closed(by maintaining a list and patching some parts of the apache
> code to not close if a socket is present in this list).
> - the child thread which processes this connection will relinquish the
> connection after the keep-alive timeout , which is ok since all we
> need is for the server to send messages to the client, with one
> exception.
> - At this point, the socket is recognised as a websocket client which
> is not yet authenticated(since from browsers we cannot set custom
> headers with the initial websocket connection request).
> - Authentication is done by the client sending the cookie as the
> 1st(and only) message on this connection to the server within the
> keep-alive timeout period(at which point the cookie is authenticated
> and the socket is marked as a valid, authenticated subscriber).
> (* there are other functions/timers to take care of stale, unauth
> connections etc)
> This works fine in all browsers with support for websockets with the
> following exceptions:
> IE10 over ssl(https/wss) and IE11 over ssl on 32-bit client machines.
> Doing a packet capture, we could figure out that the initial
> connection goes through fine and when the cookie is sent from the
> client, it reaches the server(and there's a tcp ack received at the
> client for this packet). However, the client processing this
> connection doesn't seem to receive this packet(this is well within the
> keep alive interval and the client thread is still actively processing
> that connection).
> Can you please let me know at which points in the code flow it might
> be useful to add debugging info to see where this is getting dropped?
> Regards,
> Umapathy

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