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From Sorin Manolache <>
Subject Re: How to determine the "right" vhost in name based vhosting
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2013 11:50:28 GMT
On 2013-09-24 13:04, Christoph Gröver wrote:
> Hello Sorin,
>> I suppose you use the server field of the request_rec structure and
>> not some stored server_rec that was passed to you in post_config or
>> somewhere else.
> Definitely. I have adopted this from some other module and didn't know
> there was another way to obtain a server_rec structure.
> So I should be looking for a better way to find the right structure.
> Thank you very much. This sounds as if it will be the right way.

I fear there's a misunderstanding here: The right way to get the 
server_rec is, in my opinion, from the request_rec structure, i.e. I 
think you should use req->server->server_hostname.

So, given that you already do this, it is puzzling for me why you don't 
get the result that you want.

Apache sets the req->server pointer to the right server_rec structure 
after it has parsed the request headers. (It cannot guess correctly 
before it parses the Host header.)

So make sure you check req->server _after_ apache has initialised it to 
the right server_rec. Apache sets it in the ap_read_request method. 
Almost all of the callbacks provided to the module developers are called 
_after_ ap_read_request, so you should be ok. I think only the 
create_connection callback is run before ap_read_request.

As a "poor man's debugger" technique you could write a post_config 
callback. The last argument of the post_config callback is the head of 
the list of server_recs. You could traverse the list and log to a file 
the server_hostname of all server_recs in the list. Just to check that 
you have the right number of server_recs and that they are correctly 


>> Apache keeps a linked list of server_rec structures. The head of the
>> list is the server_rec of the whole apache server. The rest of the
>> list contains one server_rec structure per vhost. For each request
>> apache picks the right server_rec from the list according to the Host
>> header and sets r->server to point to the picked object.
> This information will also help. Thank you.
>> Also make sure that your request really arrives in the vhost you
>> intended. Typically I check this by logging to different files (see
>> the CustomLog directive) in each vhost.
> This is actually the case. I receive the requests in the right vhost.
> I have separate logfiles for each vhost.
> Thanks for your answers. I guess I will be able to solve the issue with
> these informations.
> With kind regards,

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