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From Jon Leighton <>
Subject Re: Can a module control the socket transport protocol?
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 00:19:17 GMT
On 6/18/13 5:46 PM, Nick Kew wrote:
> On 18 Jun 2013, at 22:18, Jon Leighton wrote:
>> I've been looking into the possibility of writing a module to support using SCTP
as an alternative to TCP. After spending some time reading "The Apache Modules Book" and looking
through the code, I have the impression that the module architecture doesn't support controlling
the types of sockets that are opened. I'm hoping someone can either confirm or correct my
impression. Thanks very much.
> It's not covered by the book, and I'd need to tackle pretty much
> the same learning curve as you to hack it.
> Your startingpoint would probably be APR's network_io module.
> If you're thinking HTTP-over-SCTP (if indeed that makes any sense)
> then that may be most of what you need to do.  If not, or if you want
> to do everything as a module, you could start by looking at protocol
> modules like mod_ftp or mod_smtp.

I don't think simply swapping SCTP for TCP has anything to offer HTTP - 
that's just a starting point for me. I'm more interested in putting 
SCTP's streams to good use, such as possibly tying it into mod-spdy. 
I've hacked older versions of httpd to support HTTP over SCTP streams, 
but I was hoping to do something much cleaner, like a module. My main 
concern is that I don't see a way for a module to touch ap_listeners in 
listen.c, nor a way to create my own list of listeners that I could 
somehow pass off to httpd. I'll check out mod_ftp and mod_smtp as you 
suggested. Thanks very much.

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