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From Waldemar Klein <>
Subject Re: Windows service startup configuration - how to find out the "working" process?
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 11:50:07 GMT
Well, on Windows this all seems different, there is only one real
working child created, and it is not restarted ever (unless it crashes
from a segfault or so in a my module). This child creates threads, but
they simply access the config stuff and don't read anything again. I
might be wrong there, also i haven't tested it under heavy load, but
for the purpose I am doing this now, there won't be any heavy load. I
am just looking at what I tested with log messages in the various
hooks. The post_config hook on Windows is run 4 times in total, the
same number as the config is checked/executed, so if I'd put my stuff
there I'll have to use some variable or other magic to keep track that
it's time to do the work now.

However I am aware now that I need to make changes if it's supposed to
run on Linux (or any other OS). Also I am aware that it's still a hack
with child_init, but it doesn't look _that_ ugly to me anymore :)

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