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From yokota <>
Subject Re: How to read PHP session in module
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 09:13:10 GMT
Thank you for your good information.
I am sorry my reply becomes slow.

my private module is an authentication module
that uses a kind of OTP.
So, if possible, I hesitate to use Basic authentication.

I will struggle a little more.

I learned a lot  from you. Thank you.

Best regards,

(2012/03/05 13:26), Joe Lewis wrote:
> If you search Google for "php basic auth", you should get some results.
> Take a look, there should even be some tutorials.
> On Mar 4, 2012 7:54 PM, "yokota"<>  wrote:
>> Thank you for your resonses, Joe and Ray.
>> Joe,
>>> Php hooks into that, too, and can do basic auth.
>> Could you tell me more in detail?
>> Ray,
>> I didn't know about "apache_note". Thank you for good information.
>> I can control PHP application under /app1/. So I can use "apache_note"
>> when a user access /app1/ .
>> But when a user access /app2/, I can not control under /app2/ and
>> exactly at this time, I need to know whether a user is already logged in
>> /app1/.
>> Best regards,
>> Sakuko
>> (2012/03/03 3:43), Ray Morris wrote:
>>> Do you control the PHP application? "notes" are a mechanism for
>>> modules to share data, and PHP can set a note which can then
>>> be read by the new Apache module.

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