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From Anthony Whitehead <>
Subject MacOSX and per_dir_config
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 14:47:09 GMT
Hi everyone,

Am I missing something obvious for modules on MacOSX?
The attached simple example of reading the request->per_dir_config
works fine on Windows and other Unix platforms but not at all when
built for Apache on MacOS X platforms.

All this module does is setup a header with the value from a directory
configuration parameter, simple enough but doesn't work due to the
per_dir_config for the module being always NULL.

I compile the example through apxs both for 32 and 64 bit versions of
Apache, prebuilt Apache binaries and Apache built from source by me.
The result is always the same.
To compile for example for 32bit Apache on MacOSX: apxs -i -a -c
-Wc,"-arch i386" -Wl,"-arch i386" testmodule.c

Before anyone mentions it, yes I know the example here is incomplete
and will make multiple header entries in any number of cases, but
thats not the point.

Is this a real problem on MacOSX, or am I missing something? :)

To test the module just add the following parameter to the default
directory configuration of any out-of-the-box Apache 2.2.x with the
module installed.
    DirHeaderName TestingTesting123


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