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From Martin Townsend <>
Subject Re: Question on sub requests and output filter context.
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:57:55 GMT
On 18/09/2011 11:34, Sorin Manolache wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:52, Martin Townsend
> <>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have an output filter that parses custom tags to retrieve data from an
>> application running on the same device.
>> Everything was working well until I tried to move some HTML into Server Side
>> Include pages.  Snippet below:
>> <?smu smu extio_sensor_read mappings ?>
>> <?smu smu extio_read front_ana all led ?>
>> <?smu smu extio_read rear_ana all led ?>
>> <!--#include virtual="/include/SSI_SensorStatus.html" -->
>> <!--#include virtual="/include/SSI_SensorStatusAnalogRear.html" -->
>> The first three commands will populate hash tables that are saved in my
>> output filters context.
>> The HTML in the included pages then use custom tags to query the hash tables
>> but for some reason the hash tables are NULL.
>> Having stepped through with the debugger I can see that the pointer to the
>> output filter when processing the main HTML page is different to the one
>> when parsing custom tags in SSI pages.  Looking through mod_include I can
>> see it creates a sub request for include and sub requests call
>> make_sub_request to create a new filter.  Should this new filter also
>> inherit the output filters context?  Am I doing something wrong with my use
>> of mod_include?  I've tried moving my filter so it's after mod_include but
>> still the same problem.
>> I'm using Server version: Apache/2.2.19 (Unix) on an  ARM board.
>> Best Regards,
>> Martin.
> How do you construct the context of your filter? At the first
> invokation of the filter or in the init function of the filter?
> In the second case, it could be that you construct the context twice,
> the first time in the main request processing and the second time in
> the subrequest processing.
> In my opinion, apache uses the same filter structure in both the main
> and the sub request. In mod_includes apache creates a subrequest,
> passing f->next to it. Thus, the first filter in the filter chain of
> the subrequest is the filter succeeding the INCLUDES filter. In my
> opinion, if you place your filter before the INCLUDES filter, your
> filter should not be called in the subrequest if yours is a
> AP_FTYPE_RESOURCE filter. If you place your filter after the INCLUDES
> filter, the hash tables you mention are not initialised at the time
> when your filter processes the responses of the includes subrequests.
> I am not sure of what I'm saying because I have no experience in how
> mod_includes interacts with other filters. Anyway, I hope this helps.
> Have a look in server/request.c at make_sub_request. The subrequest
> inherits the protocol filters of the main request, but not all of the
> non-protocol output filters of the main request. Maybe you should make
> your filter a AP_FTYPE_PROTOCOL filter such that it is not removed
> from the chain by mod_includes.
> S


Thanks for the reply, I create the context when the filter is invoked, 
below is my output filter hook that I use.

     ap_filter_t * filter_in_p,
     apr_bucket_brigade * bb_in_p
) {
     if(APR_BRIGADE_EMPTY(bb_in_p)) {
         return APR_SUCCESS;

     /* If this filter has been called for the first time then create a 
new one */
     if(!filter_in_p->ctx) {
         rv = mod_smu_output_filter_ctx_init(filter_in_p);
         if(rv != APR_SUCCESS) {
             /* If we fail to initialise let other filters try and 
finish. */
             return ap_pass_brigade(filter_in_p->next, bb_in_p);


Here is the code that registers it
             AP_FTYPE_RESOURCE + 2);

So it should be after the "include" filter.

I've stepped through the code and the filter_in_p->ctx of the sub 
request is NULL so I then create a new one.  As Joachim suggests this is 
expected behaviour I need a method of storing my hash tables so they are 
preserved across requests and sub requests.  So 2 questions
1) In my output filter can I get the context of the main requests filter 
and use this in the sub request.
2) If not what other mechanism can I use, as these hash tables only need 
to persist for the lifetime of the request is there something in the 
request structure.  Maybe use the "notes" table where the value 
parameter is cast to a pointer to a hash table.

Thanks in advance,

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