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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Detecting which MPM a module is running in
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 22:03:18 GMT
On 01.09.2011 23:39, Joshua Marantz wrote:
> Hello from mod_pagespeed again.
> We are adding support for running in the Worker MPM, having spent most of
> our time since we launched the product sheltered in the prefork MPM where
> our multi-threading challenges are all of our own making.
> Having tuned our threading model for prefork, where all request-parallelism
> will come at the process level, we now offer a functional but, almost
> certainly, suboptimal experience for Worker MPM users.
> In particular, for a given server_rec, in prefork we are only going to be
> processing one request at a time, hence we should employ only a small number
> of worker threads to help us.  But in Worker MPM, from what I've seen, a
> single server_rec can service multiple concurrent requests.  Thus I think we
> should be aware of this and bump up the number of worker threads we create
> to help us.
> Is it possible to detect the MPM under which mod_pagespeed is running, or,
> more generally, the number of concurrent requests that the current process
> is likely to need to handle?

Have a look at ap_mpm_query() in ap_mpm.h. In 2.2.x you can query for:

AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMON_USED       Max # of daemons used so far
AP_MPMQ_IS_THREADED           MPM can do threading
AP_MPMQ_IS_FORKED             MPM can do forking
AP_MPMQ_HARD_LIMIT_DAEMONS    The compiled max # daemons
AP_MPMQ_HARD_LIMIT_THREADS    The compiled max # threads
AP_MPMQ_MAX_THREADS           # of threads/child by config
AP_MPMQ_MIN_SPARE_DAEMONS     Min # of spare daemons
AP_MPMQ_MIN_SPARE_THREADS     Min # of spare threads
AP_MPMQ_MAX_SPARE_DAEMONS     Max # of spare daemons
AP_MPMQ_MAX_SPARE_THREADS     Max # of spare threads
AP_MPMQ_MAX_REQUESTS_DAEMON   Max # of requests per daemon
AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMONS           Max # of daemons by config
AP_MPMQ_MPM_STATE             starting, running, stopping
AP_MPMQ_IS_ASYNC              MPM can process async connections



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