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From "Gavin McDonald" <>
Subject Specifying License Types
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 21:57:06 GMT
Hi All,

Item 9  (of my todo) says:

9. It looks like users can use free text fields when specifying a license
type - like I can add
   '007 Licensed to kill' as a license type if I wish; let's make this a
drop down list of
   pre-determined license types (with a generic 'other' where they can then
link to a license URI
   if they wish)

How should we proceed, I think we should come up with a list of license
types to put into the 
db that can selected via  drop down list rather than free typed. We can also
have a generic
'other' as a choice and allow them to link to the license text if they wish.

The main aim here is to clean up the db and have structured entries - we can
then also link to
the (known) license itself as a bonus. Example, I noted 25+ different ways
folks used when 
specifying the ASL V2.0 license. This is ugly and I don't like it, my itch
sure but I do seek the 
opinion of others here if it is a good thing to do.



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