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From "Gavin McDonald" <>
Subject Changes done and todo for website - (was RE: modules.a.o live on ASF hardware)
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 21:52:41 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: William A. Rowe Jr. []
> Sent: Saturday, 16 July 2011 1:41 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: modules.a.o live on ASF hardware
> On 7/15/2011 3:18 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> > The service went live on ASF hardware
> yesterday.
> >
> > Now notifications are going to a public mailing list, I need to tweak
> > the mail output to since it currently includes full e-mail addresses.
> > Until I get those tweaks completed, I'll be manually editing and
> > forwarding e-mails.
> Thanks Mark!
> Perhaps as we roll out something better, we designate it modules2.a.o/ for
> the time being, just for testing and signoff?

In the meantime, I have been making some minor edits of my own to the current
site. (Note at the end of this is a question on changes I intend to do next.)

Here is my list of what I've done: (and note I've tried to not alter the look at this stage.)

5. [DONE] - Bring the code up to (X)HTML valid output:;ss=1&amp;outline=1

   Valid and Done: index.php login.php logout.php search.php reference.php modulelist.php
change_logindetails.php module.php
   Todo: ALL DONE!

6. [DONE] - Bring the code up to CSS valid output:

   Valid and Done: (styles/modules.css) index.php login.php logout.php search.php reference.php
modulelist.php change_logindetails.php module.php
   Todo: ALL DONE!

6a. [DONE] -  As part of 5 and 6, replace tables that have been used to layout the site with
styled divs.

    Done: index.php login.php logout.php search.php reference.php modulelist.php change_logindetails.php
    Todo: ALL DONE!

7. [DONE] - Hide/Remove links from non-logged in users:
   'Add a Module' , 'Manage Your Modules' , 'Your Account' should all be hidden until the
   has actually logged in.

12. [DONE] - All input fields for Adding/Editing a Module have a red arrow thingy except for
    field entitled 'Requires'. These red arrow thingys are 'denotes required field'
    (usability) but this is not announced until one submits the form! 
    A simple asterisk and accompanying legend should be added to any fields that are actually
    (The asterisk * is a globally known 'required field' legend and should be used instead.)

  Instead, I left the red arrows in place and simply made the announcement permanent explaining
that all fields
  marked with a red arrow are required.

18. [DONE] - On the 'Your Account' page, when changing/updating the password, the password
is echoed back 
    to you in plain text. View source of the page shows that indeed this is a plain text field
and not a
    proper password field. (<input type="text" size=30 name="txt_password">)

  (Now changed to a proper 'password' field.)


And below is my list of what (I have considered) needs doing to the 'current' site.

8. Revitalise the look and feel. The whole site has the old Apache 1.0 look to it, bring it
   2011 with a new/better look. Doesn't need to be drastic, even playing with colours and
   a newer logo will help.

9. It looks like users can use free text fields when specifying a license type - like I can
   '007 Licensed to kill' as a license type if I wish; let's make this a drop down list of
   pre-determined license types (with a generic 'other' where they can then link to a license
   if they wish)

10. When creating a new user, the password field has no confirmation password field, what
if I
    made a mistake when signing up, I am now locked out.

13. The URL field when adding/editing a Module doesnt check if the URL is valid (or at least
it doesnt 
    even check that it is a URL at all.)

14. Various pages say 'Logged in as:' and nothing afterwards, if a user is not logged in.
This is ugly
    and should only be visable when someone is actually logged in. (Or at the least, say 'Guest'
    than it say nothing.)

15. The 'Your Account' link takes you to a page where you can update your email address and/or
    password. Neither of these fields have a second confirm email or confirm password , both
    have them.

16. The 'Your account' page lets you update your email address without confirming your current
    (However you cannot update your password without specifying an email address.)

17. The 'Your account' page lets you update your password , it 'requires' an email address,
but any one
    will do, it doesn't need to be the current email address. If a new email address is specified
, then
    both fields are updated.


I would next like to solve items 10, 15, 16, 17 but am seeking the OK first as it requires
usage changes.

I would like to separate out the 'login' 'new user' and 'forgot password' into 3 separate
pages rather than
the combined one it is now. This will make it easier to apply the extra confirm password fields
in the 
right places whilst not having to confirm it for example to login...

In addition, when changing your password, I would like it to ask for the old password first
before then typing
the new one, and also confirming the new one.

Can I proceed or are there more thoughts on this ?

other items I'll separate out into their own subject posts.



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