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From Hardy Griech <>
Subject Re: mod_gnutls and mod_proxy (TLS termination)
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 20:46:53 GMT
On 29.04.2011 22:38, Ben Noordhuis wrote:
>> - mod_ssl (openssl?) does not obey the maximum fragmentation
>>   length requested by the clients
> I think that this has been fixed in openssl 1.0.0.a.

I thought that too, but all my tries with my piece of software did not 
show the expected results.  Perhaps I will give it a try again.

> Monkey curiosity: why do you need it?

Embedded device where buffer size counts - if you have 16KByte RAM 
(which is quite comfortable) in total you do not like to waste it for a 
single buffer.

> $ cat>  gdb.conf
> b ap_run_post_config
> r
> b your_function
> c
> $ gdb -x gdb.conf --args /path/to/httpd -X
> But mostly you place the breakpoint once manually, then restart the
> server (`r` or `run`) when you recompile your module.

Many thanks for your hints, Ben.  Now I have a testbed to check the 
filtering mechanism of mod_gnutls.


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