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From Joshua Marantz <>
Subject ordering output filters
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 15:54:28 GMT
Hello from mod_pagespeed again.

Our users have identified another incompatibility between standard filters
and mod_pagespeed; this time with mod_includes.   In general I think that
mod_pagespeed should run after mod_includes, for a few reasons.  But in
particular, mod_pagespeed, in its own html-centric filter architecture, has
a 'remove_comments' filter which strips out any server-side includes if
mod_pagespeed runs prior to mod_includes.   While 'remove_comments' is an
optional feature for mod_pagespeed (many web pages would be broken without
mod_pagespeed), many consider it a desirable feature they'd like to turn on.

This is all documented at length in

Even in the absence of 'remove_comments', it would be preferable to have
mod_pagespeed run after mod_includes so that it has an opportunity to
optimize the included text.  The user can achieve this by putting this line
into his config file:


But this is not desirable for a couple of reasons.  We'd like to force the
correct order automatically if possible.

The question for this mailing list is how best to achieve that.  Should we,
in mod_pagespeed's output filter, have logic that says:

  if (mod_includes was enabled in this config) {
    re-insert mod_pagespeed at the end of the AP_FTYPE_RESOURCE chain
    pass the buckets to mod_includes

Or can we, at init time, call server APIs to tweak the filter order?  Is
there any filter that seeks to do that somehow?

We also have a constraint that mod_pagespeed must run before mod_deflate.
 Actually mod_pagespeed already inserts mod_deflate in the filter-chain to
run downstream of it:

  ap_add_output_filter("DEFLATE", NULL, request, request->connection);

Another hack is to have mod_pagespeed introduce a new output filter,
   remove INCLUDES

This seems ugly though because (a) I don't know how to remove a filter by
name and (b) it would wind up adding INCLUDES even if it was not already

A third idea is to exploit the fact that INCLUDES adds itself to the output
chain via
   ap_hook_fixups(include_fixup, NULL, NULL, APR_HOOK_LAST);
where include_fixup() does ap_add_output_filter("INCLUDES", NULL, r,

I suppose mod_pagespeed could set up its own call
to  ap_hook_fixups(niod_pagespeed_fixup, NULL, NULL, APR_HOOK_LAST* + 1*);
and add itself as an output filter.

But all of these ideas seem like a hack.  Any hints on how to enforce the
output-filter ordering:   INCLUDES,MOD_PAGESPEED,DEFLATE in a robust and
clean way, would be greatly appreciated.


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