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From Rémy Sanchez <>
Subject Shared memory ?
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 16:12:01 GMT


 I'm coding a module to somehow replace/complement mod_security (it's 
 more a proof of concept than a real project for now). The first thing 
 that I'd like to have is a DNSBL, so that detected intruders are 
 instantly banned when added to the blacklist. Because doing a DNS query 
 for each HTTP request might be a bit heavy, I'd like to keep the results 
 in cache.

 I guess that if I create something from the config pool, it will be 
 duplicated between processes. But another security I want is to check 
 URL against regexps commonly used by botnets/script kiddies. Then, if an 
 IP is blacklisted, I want its state to be changed instantly in all 
 caches. Which, if data is duplicated, is not possible. Would there be a 
 simple way to achieve this ? Or would it be more clever to move to 
 another solution, like using a common redis datastore for 
 blacklist/whitelist/rules lookup ?


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