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From Stefan Ruppert>
Subject Re: Apache log modules
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2010 07:43:11 GMT
Hi Andrej,

the concept of a transaction is defined in the Application Response 
Measurement (ARM) standard. The mod_arm4 implements an interface between 
the Apache httpd and the ARM standard. ARM has the capability to 
correlate transactions in distributed environments and with an ARM 
enabled HTTP client you get all what you want.

Also we at MyARM are working on a firefox extension which will measure 
any HTTP request sent by the browser and these transactions will be 
correlated to any HTTP request measured in the apache httpd using the 
mod_arm4 module.


Andrej van der Zee wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a way to deduct the concept of a "transaction" from
> the Apache log. What I mean is that I want to group HTTP requests that
> are sent by one particular client, for example when a user clicks a
> link in the browser. Then I want to be able to group all the HTTP
> requests that are the result of that one click (only taking account
> for requests that are going to our servers).
> Assuming that both client and server have the KeepAlive enabled, I
> though that maybe a custom Apache log-module could write the
> connection ID (if such a thing exists) to the log in order to
> distinguish different clients. Moreover, assuming that users wait for
> at least 1 second between clicks, I should be able to deduct
> transactions by grouping them on timestamps that fall within a second.
> The scheme with the connection ID, can it work, or am I misjudging
> something completely? Are there alternatives?
> Thank you,
> Andrej

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