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From "Edgar Frank" <>
Subject Re: Howto unittest httpd modules?
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2010 06:56:09 GMT
Hi Pete,

thanks for your reply (and all the others who replied).

This sounds quite interesting and I'll see what I can make of it.

[@http developers]
Looking at the Apache HTTP Test site, is this what is used to test every HTTP release, too?


>Hi Edgar,
>You might consider the perl test harness -- Apache::Test on
>mod_perl uses it. The test framework handles starting and stopping Apache,
>sending HTTP requests via WWW::Mechanize, and validating test results.  It's
>full of features, and maybe more complex than you want.  I like that I get
>test results/errors inline in the Apache error_log along with my module's
>logging which is very handy for troubleshooting.
>Good luck,
>On 11/11/10 2:11 AM, "Edgar Frank" <> wrote:
>> Hi modules-dev-folks,
>> I've written a handful of modules for httpd. I'm now looking for a way to
>> setup some unit tests. We have continuous integration running, so I want to
>> supply some tests, starting from compiling against httpd to basic
>> functionality to more elaborate feature tests.
>> I wonder how to unit-test this, as the prerequsites are rather complicated.
>> The tests would have to setup a httpd, provide a config, compile and install
>> the modules. As you don't want to modify the modules themselves, you have to
>> run a bunch of requests and monitor expected output - maybe measuring coverage
>> or running valgrind on the way.
>> I see no way to run "real" unit tests as you would have to emulate httpd and
>> run your modules against it, as most of the code is httpd or at least highly
>> APR dependent. I see no point in emulating httpd as you would have to
>> implement every little detail - httpd specific behaviour (e.g. in version
>> bumps) is one important thing to test IMHO.
>> So, has anyone some experience with this, some suggestions, howtos or
>> tutorials? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Edgar

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