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From Ray Morris <>
Subject Re: Apache log modules
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 16:19:34 GMT
> > My assumption is that both client and server have KeepAlive enabled.
> > In that case, should there "generally" not be just one connection
> > only?
> This assumption is most likely wrong. Even with keep-alive browsers  
> will
> open more than one connection. After all, keep-alive and multi-connect
> solve different problems.

    Indeed in MOST cases there will be several connections - IE and
Firefox open multiple connections.  Without knowing the actual purpose,
the problem you're trying to solve, the best course may be a module
which logs and increments a cookie, combined with sorting by IP + time.
One could also say that anything with a mime type of text/html and a
status code other than 302 is a page, with mime types like image/*
being elements of that page coming from the same click.  That's how
we organize a certain report - html is a page, images, css, etc. are
assumed to be elments within that page.

    Very often, though, I've found that when one discovers that it will
be  difficult or impossible to proceed in the manner planned, the best
course of action is often to go back one step in the problem solving
process.  That is, to ask oneself "if I can't identify which hits come
from a single click, how else can I __________?", filling in the blank
with whatever you're really trying to accomplish.
Ray Morris

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