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From Juha Ranta <>
Subject mod_layer7-0.1.0 - Application Layer Switching and Load Balancing module for Apache 2.x
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 16:56:24 GMT
Hello all,

I wrote apache 2.x module that can be used for application layer
switching and load balancing.
Currently you can configure multiple load balancing pools, define
different persistence profiles for different pools and select
different load balancing algorithm for different pools.
This module work in co-operation with mod_proxy (ajp, http, balancer)
etc... so you could have pool using mod_proxy_balancer for actual load
balancing if you like it that way.

This module also has an embedded perl interpreter so you can have
application layer switching decisions based on HTTP request
content/properties and/or manipulate request and response properties
with simple perl sub-routines.

See for more information about this module.

Please send questions and comments if you find this module interesting...

Best regards

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