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From Paul Donaldson <>
Subject Re: How do I get hold of session information?
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 12:05:00 GMT
Thanks for your reply. I've taken a look 
at, but like everything 
else in the area of Apache modules, the document is terse.

Is there no documentation available on Apache Modules? There are a couple of 
books on Amazon, but is there nothing on the web? All I have found are snippets 
of information, usually poorly written (for example those referenced from 
here:, and the "threebit" tutorial. I 
haven't been able to find anything for those new to Apache and Apache Modules.

For example, the mod_session page states:

Creating a session is as simple as turning the session on, and deciding where 
the session will be stored. In this example, the session will be stored on the 
browser, in a cookie called session.
Browser based session
Session On
SessionCookieName session path=/
But it doesn't say where or how to do this. I'm sure everyone in this group will 
take that sort of thing for granted, but it's infuriating for those of us coming 
to Apache Modules for this first time.
The page also mentions the SessionEnv directive:

If set to On, the SessionEnv directive causes the contents of the session to be 
written to a CGI environment variable called HTTP_SESSION.

but it'd be great if there was some documentation somewhere that said where to 
set this, and how to read it from another module, assuming that this environment 
variable is in fact the only way to get hold of the session information in my 
module. It can't possibly be an environment variable in the true sense 
(getenv...) as there may be thousands of requests hitting the server.

From: Ben Noordhuis <>
Sent: Tue, 19 October, 2010 17:46:40
Subject: Re: How do I get hold of session information?

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 17:30, Paul Donaldson
<> wrote:
> Thank you. I will take a look at mod_session. Will my module be able to check 
> mod_session is "enabled" (sorry, I don't know the Apache terminology) and, if 
> is, talk to it and ask it for what it has stored in its session?

Yes. It exports an environment variable, see the SessionEnv directive
for details.

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