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From Mike Meyer <>
Subject How to init an mmaped file?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 02:52:50 GMT
I've got a module that has an mmaped file configured on a per-server
basis (well, that's the goal, anyway). I'm having trouble getting the
map propagated to request handlers properly.

The file name to be mapped is treated like any other config data in
the config creation & merge functions. The data for the mapping is
also in the config structure. Create sets it to null, merge ignores

The post_config hook checks to make sure the file name is set
properly, then goes ahead and creates the file and maps it, using the
pool_userdata trick to only do this the second time. I can verify in
gdb that this is getting set up properly. The child_init hook does the
map again, and I can verify that I'm picking up the right values

However, the data for the map is null in the config structure that
gets passed to the process_connection hook.

Anyone got some hints on how I ought to set this up? Maybe there's a
writeup somewhere I missed on config processing  Possibly there's some
facility that I ought to be looking at to replace the mmaped file?

Mike Meyer <>
Independent Network/Unix/Perforce consultant, email for more information.

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