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From Dr Chong <>
Subject Customizing mod_include -- Print "virtual" or "file" attribute in handle_include method
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 22:09:02 GMT

Apache Development Gurus:

I've worked with Apache for awhile now, but this is my first time tinkering
with the source code for one of its modules.   I'd like to alter mod_include
to print out as a HTML comment all server side include references.   My
apologies if this is a trivial matter.

For instance, if an HTML page has an SSI:



Mod_include outputs the content of /foo/bar.html:



           (Content from /foo/bar.html)




I'd like to tweak mod_include to also output the fragment path:




(Content from /foo/bar.html)

I've been able to successfully print out the include path *after* the filter
has processed the SSI, but I'd like to add a comment before processing of
the SSI.    Here's a snippet of the handle_include method from mod_include.c
that I've changed:

  parsed_string = ap_ssi_parse_string(ctx, tag_val, NULL, 0,

        //New code

   APR_BRIGADE_INSERT_TAIL(bb, apr_bucket_pool_create("", strlen("' -->"),
                                ctx->pool, f->c->bucket_alloc));

        //End new code

        //Original source code -- continues to process include

  if (tag[0] == 'f') {
            char *newpath;
            apr_status_t rv;

            /* be safe; only files in this directory or below allowed */
            rv = apr_filepath_merge(&newpath, NULL, parsed_string,
                                    APR_FILEPATH_SECUREROOTTEST |
                                    APR_FILEPATH_NOTABSOLUTE, ctx->dpool);

            if (rv != APR_SUCCESS) {
                error_fmt = "unable to include file \"%s\" in parsed file
            else {
                rr = ap_sub_req_lookup_file(newpath, r, f->next);
        else {
            rr = ap_sub_req_lookup_uri(parsed_string, r, f->next);


The modifications above will print the fragment path after the SSI content:



(Content from /foo/bar.html)


What updates do I need to make to this code to force the fragment path to be
printed before the SSI content:



(Content from /foo/bar.html)

Any guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks,

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