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From Andrew Punch <>
Subject Re: Maintaining for modules with multiple sources...
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 03:23:12 GMT

I recently had a similar problem. What rules do you have for
compiling .c into .lo/.slo (or into .lo/.slo via .o)?

Does the makefile work correctly if you manually enter the filenames. 
C_FILES=merchant_mod.c ...
LO_FILES=merchange_mod.lo ...
SLO_FILES=merchant_mod.slo ...


On Thu, 2010-09-23 at 02:08 +0000, Mike Meyer wrote:
> I'm working on a module whose source is spread across multiple
> files. About the time I was adding the seventh file's .lo & .slo, I
> decided "The computer should be doing this", and did what I thought
> was a standard make hack:
> C_FILES=merchant_mod.c ...
> LO_FILES=${C_FILES:%.c=%.lo}
> SLO_FILES=${C_FILES:%.c=%.slo}
> in my Makefile, and
> mod_merchant.1a: ${SLO_FILES}
> 	$(SH_LINK) -rpath $(libexecdir) -modules -avoid-version ${LO_FILES}
> in the
> Trouble is, it doesn't run the compile step for the files, but goes
> straight to trying to link the .lo's together, which doesn't work all
> that well.
> I'm building against apache httpd 2.2 on Freebsd 8.1-RELEASE and
> OpenSolaris snv_134, as I need to run on both.
> Searching google doesn't turn up much on this, and the modules in the
> apache source tree all seem to just list all the files, rather than
> trying to generate them automatically.
> Anyone got a hint as to why this doesn't work, and what I should do to
> fix it? Or maybe another way to deal with modules with multiple source
> files that doesn't involve having to add each file suffix in three
> different places?
>       Thanks,
>       <mike

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