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From "Jeremy R." <>
Subject Hooking get_suexec_identity and returning NULL
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2010 19:09:22 GMT
I'm writing a module which I want to disable suexec under some circumstances. Unfortunately,
get_suexec_identity is declared in such a way that I don't see a clean way to achieve this.

I can hook get_suexec_identity and return NULL when the conditions I want arise, but this
simply causes the next module to handle the hook (mod_userdir, for instance, always handles
the hook if it's a userdir request). I want to override that and force NULL (that is, not
calling suexec). The two approaches I've come across so far:

1. Put in a bogus identity, handle it by modifying suexec.
2. Modify the mod_userdir_user table so that mod_userdir doesn't handle get_suexec_identity.

Neither of these is particularly palatable (it would be nice if "no identity" and "declined"
were distinct values); is there a better option? If not, which of these two options would
be better? I'm completely new to Apache development, so any insight or pointers would be appreciated.


Jeremy R.

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