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From Mark Harrison>
Subject Re: simple mapping module example?
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 06:49:16 GMT
On 4/29/10 12:54 AM, Nick Kew wrote:
> On 29 Apr 2010, at 04:56, Mark Harrison wrote:
>> I would like to do a simple mapper:
>>    - given some inputs, calculate a file path
>>    - let apache serve out that file for me
>> Is there a simple example of how to do this?  mod_rewrite
>> is pretty heavy-duty, and I'd like to get a simpler
>> model to follow.
> Maybe mod_rewrite will do all you need anyway!

It would, but I need to execute some internal logic to
fully resolve.

> The simplest example to look at in the apache code would be
> mod_alias.  Otherwise, the end of Chapter 6 of the modules
> book[1] leads you through developing a mapper module.

Ah, the miracle of ebooks!  Yes, Chapter 6 seems to be just
what I need.

So, I think that I would:

- register a hook handler
- in the hook handler:
   - set an X-header
   - calculate a new file path
   - set r->filename to my file path
   - call ap_internal_redirect(const char *new_uri, request_rec *r)

Is that the right track to be going down?  This file path will be
on an external (NFS) storage device and not under the apache directory,
will that matter?


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