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From Edgar Frank <>
Subject Howto install headerfiles into <httpd>/include?
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2010 06:09:53 GMT
Hi list,

I've written a module which provides a header file for other
modules I've also written.

Now I'm in the process of setting up some kind of installer. I
want my first module (the one which provides the header file) to
have its header installed into the <httpd>/include directory. As
I don't just want to blindly copy the header into the apache
install dir, I looked for a standard way to do this.

As serveral other modules like mod_rewrite install their own
header file, I tried to integrate my module into the apache
build. I created my own directory under <source>/modules, copied
a config.m4 and adopted it for my purpose (nothing more than a
For the sake of simplicity, let's assume it's just a single .c
and .h file with minimalistic code (I also tried this simplest
case). Than I ran buildconf, my module appears in configure,
get's built and installed - but the header file won't be
installed into include. I tried to mimic every step mod_rewrite
does (except that it's bundled with the other mapper modules),
but couldn't find out which step does the trick.

Can anybody help me out with that? Any help will be greatly

The OS is Linux (CentOS 5.4 x64). I use Apache 2.2.15. I think I
should mention that I'm kind of a newbie with the autotools. If
any further info is needed, just let me know.

Btw - why are some of the .m4 files named config9.m4 or
config5.m4? Is this on purpose and if yes, why?

Kind regards,

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