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From "Anthony J. Biacco" <>
Subject rewrite processing before cache
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 01:36:37 GMT
I asked a vaguely similar question about a year ago, but this one is a
little more simplistic in comparison.

Running 2.2.14 on linux, disk caching a servlet's output, not ignoring
query string as that can change the output, and not using

My problem is, using rewrite rules on such requests don't always get
For example, if I'm trying to block a browser through a rewrite rule for
a request to said servlet, sometimes the cache takes over and serves the
cached output instead of following the rewrite. i.e. sometimes the
browser will get blocked and sometimes it will get cached content.
I'm wondering what's the workflow on such a scenario, and how can I
configure it so the rewrite always gets processed before a cache check,
if possible.


Manager, IT Operations
Format Dynamics, Inc.

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