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From Curt Krone <>
Subject Multiple handlers for the same directory/location
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 23:57:52 GMT
Hi All,

I'm looking into whether it's possible to reliably use multiple complimentary modules to handle
the same directory or location.  The basic idea is to create separate modules that might be
individually reusable (e.g. one handles GETs, another might handle PUT and DELETE).

The obvious (naïve) approach that comes to mind is something like:

- Each registers with ap_hook_handler()
- Multiple Directory/Location directives, each with its own SetHandler
- In this scenario, the last configuration merged in wins (that's the SetHandler value that
r->handler will have on an incoming request)

However, since it's good practice to check handler name in the request and decline if it's
not yours, the second handler would be prevented from ever processing anything.

I can also imagine making this work by modifying (at least) one of the handlers so that it
isn't configured via SetHandler, and instead uses a different directive (a la mod_dav's "DAV
on").  In this scenario, I could use ap_hook_fixups() to do check that this is a request I
really want, and set r->handler there.

Before I try this out, I just wanted to find out if there are established practices for accomplishing
something like this, or if there are enough problems that I should just not attempt it.  One
problem that I can think of offhand is that this probably makes it difficult to implement
OPTIONS support properly.

Any input would be much appreciated.



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