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From Micah Yoder <>
Subject Segfault doing SQL select
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 08:26:19 GMT

I'm new to this. Just read most of Nick Kew's book and am trying to 
write a module that is a thin-as-possible layer between an AJAX type 
rich client web app and an SQL database. I then hope to build a small 
CMS on top of that.

Currently I'm running into a road block with a segfault every time I run 
the query. I'm using Postgres 8.4 from the Ubuntu repos and a 
custom-compiled Apache 2.2.14 with the Worker MPM.  Here is the relevant 

void sql_template(ap_dbd_t *con, request_rec *r, apr_hash_t *formdata) {
  apr_dbd_results_t *res;
  apr_dbd_row_t *row;
  int rv;
  rv = apr_dbd_select(con->driver, r->pool, con->handle, &res, "select * 
from topics;", 0);
  if (!rv)
    ap_rputs("Failed to run query.\n", r);
  while (apr_dbd_get_row(con->driver, r->pool, res, &row, 0) != -1) {
    ap_rputs("*** Row data *** ", r);
    ap_rputs(apr_dbd_get_entry(con->driver, row, 0), r);
    ap_rputs(" ... ", r);
    ap_rputs(apr_dbd_get_entry(con->driver, row, 1), r);

This is being called from the main handler function.

  apr_hash_t *formdata;
  ap_dbd_t *con;


  if (r->method_number == M_GET)
    formdata = parse_form_from_string(r, r->args);


  con = ap_dbd_acquire(r);
  if (!con) return HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR;
  sql_template(con, r, formdata);

Kind of ugly but I'm just trying to get the concepts to work.

I've run it through GDB and sometimes the segfault is on apr_dbd_select 
line and sometimes it is on the apr_dbd_get_row line. The arguments 
passed into my sql_template function seem to be valid.

Am I doing anything obviously wrong? Or can someone point to a simple 
handler module that does a SELECT? (mod_auth_dbd appears to use a 
different method and introduces other complexities.)


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