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From partysoft <>
Subject Re: Bandwith limit/per user from mysql
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 23:43:11 GMT

No, not every bit, but to limit somehow , per user how much he can use for

it's a simple mp3 service, not something fancy

so i can even count per 1MB or so, or even a larger scale..

right now i'm counting every download, (with resume support and multiple
but if the user somehow cancels the download and starts again i'm reducing
from his bandwidth..

i was thinking of using some bw mod, and using for each user a .htaccess
file with it's own conf...if that's possible, 

what would be very very helpfull if i could somehow query my MySQL db, and
check his remaining traffic, and update every say..10Mb or so... that would
be great...
so far..i don't know of an existence of such a module

Ray Morris wrote:
>> do i have to count every bit?
>    You have to count every bucket, and do it carefully
> because there are some pitfalls you run into when you
> implement it in the real world.  Be aware that the major
> browsers have recently changed so they will by default
> use many connections.  Download agents which behave
> strangely are also not uncommon and need to be handled
> gracefully.  These things I learned implementing our
> commercial module for this purpose.
> --
> Ray Morris
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> Throttlebox - Intelligent Bandwidth Control
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> On 12/07/2009 10:11:42 PM, partysoft wrote:
>> I am looking for a solution to limit the bandwith for the users of a  
>> site
>> that have access to some mp3 / subscription. I don't want to serve  
>> files
>> through PHP, but directly with some apache module..
>> do i have to count every bit? or how this should be handled. I have  
>> all the
>> info on a mysql DB.
>> Thank you so much for your replies.
>> --
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