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From Jerome Renard <>
Subject APyXS : generating apache module skeletons
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 08:14:54 GMT
Hi list,

a few weeks ago, I started to write an Apache module skeleton
generator in Python : APyXS.

The original idea was that when one create a new module, it is always
the same process :
1. defining configuration directives
2. defining hooks

I thought it could be useful if we could have the process automatic,
only by writing a trivial configuration file.

That's the point of aPyXS, it is possible to define configuration
directives and hooks in a very simple XML file
and then the module skeleton is generated.

I started to write the code for it in my spare time, but I will have
less and less time for this project in the next few months.
This is why I am looking for contributors.

So if there is anyone interested in contributing, feel free to contact
me and join the project so I grant you commit access.

The project page is available on Google code here :

The code is available here :

And example configuration files are here :

And you can clone it by running the following command (mercurial required) :
- hg clone apyxs

As you will see the code is really trivial (I know it can be much
better), so are the configuration files.

Have a nice day



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