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From Yoichi Kawasaki <>
Subject Re: maintaining sessions among multiple processes
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 01:22:27 GMT
> i find your book to be one of the most enlightening ones written in
> recent years, but i haven't found the answers to my question in there.
> the closest you get to touching the subject is perhaps the section on
> "session management with SQL", which as jim jagielski also points out,
> might be the way forward. it's just that my session objects contains
> objects of unknown types so i don't know how to store them in a
> traditional rdbms. maybe i can figure out a way to convert them to
> blobs if you tell me that there is no way to do what i originally
> suggested: interfere with the request dispatching in apache.

why don't you serizlie the session objects and store them in rdmbs,
memcached, etc?
I use the term "seralize" and "deserialize" to mean the deconstruction
of "sessionObject"
to  a sequence of bytes, and reverse construction from a sequece of
bytes to "sessionObject"
for serialization, you can use any famouse libraries like
or create a converter that can achive this kind of thing by yourself
if the structure of
"sessionObject" is simple enough.


Yoichi Kawasaki <>

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