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From Joe Nardone <>
Subject Weird SSL issue with module
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 21:14:02 GMT
We have an existing module on 1.3 which we're porting (finally) to
2.2.  This is primarily a set of content handlers.

I'm seeing strange SSL behavior (all of our clients connect to this
through SSL).  Specifically, under 1.3 when our module would write
data (ap_rprintf) and then return OK, the headers and data would
return in the same single SSL record.

Under 2.2, it appears that no matter what I do, the headers and data
are being sent in two separate SSL records in the response.  This is
true at least for POST requests.

We have a lot (thousands) of clients using in-house written code that
(unfortunately) expects/requires that the entire response
(headers+data) is in a single SSL record.  We do not have any way to
upgrade the remote agents so the behavior has to be identical.

Does anyone know if this is something that needs to change in code, or
is something in mod_ssl's config, or is not possible?

Thanks for any leads.  It's been a frustrating search so far.


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