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From "Joe N." <>
Subject Re: Weird SSL issue with module
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 01:15:26 GMT
On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 23:14, Joe Nardone <> wrote:
>>> Under 2.2, it appears that no matter what I do, the headers and data
>>> are being sent in two separate SSL records in the response.  This is
>>> true at least for POST requests.
So, in response to myself (and anyone else who might find this in the 
future)... the sending of headers vs. data is deep in the code; the 
headers are passed in the first bucket, the data starting in the 2nd, 
and the much-nicer brigade code in 2.x dutifully calls SSL_write for 
each bucket as it streams through, creating the individual records.

One solution is to change mod_ssl or the core server code, but I don't 
want to do that -- this prevents upgrading the "main" software for 
security reasons without recompilation.  What I think I can do is write 
an upstream output filter that simply snags the first data bucket in the 
first brigade and waits for the 2nd and simply concatenates their 
contents together (as a new bucket attached to the head of the 2nd 
brigade).  From the looks of it this should be pretty easy, but I'm 
still getting used to 2.2's architecture.



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