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From Ivan Ristic <>
Subject Output filter order selection
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 19:39:48 GMT
There's an incompatibility between ModSecurity and mod_deflate, which
I would like to fix it. (It is triggered when AddOutputFilterByType is
used.) I basically need to ensure that ModSecurity's output filter
runs before mod_deflate's in all cases. I am aware of mod_filter
(which I suspect should be able to deal with this situation), but I
prefer a solution that does not require further work on the part of
ModSecurity users.

I was unable to find a polite way of asking Apache to run one filter
before another. Could it be that I am missing something?

Assuming the above is not possible, I have two solutions that work:

- A quick fix seems to be declaring ModSecurity's output filter as
(AP_FTYPE_CONTENT_SET - 1), but I am not convinced such a change would
go without side-effects, although a trivial test did not show anything

- Do not use ap_add_output_filter(), but work directly with the filter
structures to place ModSecurity's output filter before mod_deflate's.

Any hints?

Ivan Ristic
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