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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: [REALLY OT] How good is the mod_dosevasive default
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 17:28:43 GMT
Elison Smith wrote:
> Any experience how good this default works for the average website? I would
> prefer to not spend time making changes to this default.
> Thanks!

Not a clue.  We program on this list, not configure.

The problem about how well the default settings perform for you depends 
on too many variables, and an in-depth knowledge of that particular 
module.  I've never looked at the code, but the variables will include 
things like how many hits the webserver is going to take (rate), how 
much data is going to be transferred (volume), how much memory and it's 
speed, CPU processing power, disk I/O, mother or daughter boards, 
network connectivity speeds, limits, what connections are 
firewalled....... I think you get the idea.  No configuration is going 
to be alike.  Your special case would require time, and experience with 
your special case.

I always suggest starting with the defaults, and then modifying them as 
needed.  Defaults are usually intended for generic and multi-purpose 

You can open up the source for the module and review it to see it's 
logic.  If you have questions about the code and what things do, just 
ask, but always include the excerpt of code (you get farther by not 
asking someone to go out and find the thing, download it, etc).  If you 
have questions about configuration, there are much better lists for 
those questions.


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