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From Jérôme Renard>
Subject Re: Loadtesting tools ?
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 20:13:38 GMT

Sorin Manolache a écrit :
> On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 19:41, Elison Smith <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> (I realize that this question is not an exact fit for this mailing list)
>> I have a website that runs Apache 2.x. I want to loadtest this site.
>> I want to loadtest with as much as 50-100 requests per second.
>> Any pointers to tools/ online services ?
>> I am happy to pay for a tool that can do this.
> Try jmeter although I
> could not find a way to send requests at a specified rate. At work, we
> use jmeter to send as many requests per second as possible and then we
> look at jmeter's logs.
> The required number of threads in order to reach a throughput of T
> req/sec is T x avg_resp_time in seconds.
> If you want your test to last S seconds, each thread must loop
> S/avg_resp_time times.
> So, for a desired throughput of 100 req/sec, a response time of let's
> say 0.5 seconds and a test of 10 minutes you'll need 100 x 0.5 = 50
> threads, each of them looping 600/0.5 = 1200 times.
> You can configure what you want to log. You'll be able to compute the
> histograms of response times, the error rate, the obtained throughput,
> etc.

Totally agree with what Sorin said, Jmeter is a really powerful tool.
It requires to practice a little bit but once you are used to it and its
interface you can do a lot of things.

If you do not want to use Jmeter you can also use Apache Benchmark, less
powerful than JMeter but sometimes it is just what you need :


You can also use a nice little tool called abgraph which makes ab a bit
easier to use especially if you want to get graphical results with GnuPlot :


Otherwise you can also try FunkLoad, which is a nice tool as well (a bit
different than Jmeter though) but my preference goes to Jmeter anyway.


Hope that helps.

Jérôme :)

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