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From DenishPatel <>
Subject Set-Cookie header not honored on 304 (Not modified) status
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 11:03:25 GMT


I have a web-plugin that does some authenticatio & authorization for
the Apache WebServer.

On successful Authorization, I am setting a cookie.
The first time I access a page. I can see the Cookie in LiveHTTPHeaders
(Mozilla Firefox).

However after session timeout, when I refresh the page, I am again being
for authentication (acceptable).
The problem: though my plugin sets the Cookie, I do not see it being
returned in
LiveHTTPHeader.  All I see is the "HTTP 304 Use Local Copy" being returned.

If I clear the cache, then I can again see the Cookie. I cannot disable
due to performance reasons.

Browsing the net I came across the following:<>

At the end of the thread comm. they seemed to agree to include a directive
to modify this behaviour.
However, I do not find any documentation for this directive in Apache Docs.

Any idea what that directive is / how do I change the behaviour of the
Apache Web Server so that
I am able to see the Cookie. I am using Apache 2.2.

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